No boyfriend November was a success. Should I go for a don’t date December?

Just me January?

Forever alone February?

No man march?

I just had to reblog this again.

abstinent april
masturbation may
just giving up june

just my hand july

always alone august

sexless september

only me october?

they’ve done it

they made a reason for me to be single for every month


They’ve described every month of the year perfectly


Stydia AU: After a one nightstand with Stiles Lydia ended up pregnant with their daughter Claudia.

Lydia & Stiles knew that having a kid at such a young age would be difficult, but they both were smart, capable and responsible (minus the having unprotected sex thing) people. So they agreed to raise their daughter together even though they weren’t actually together (Stiles was with Malia & Lydia was single), but what Lydia didn’t count on was how perceptive their 3 year old daughter Claudia was.

part 1

This is adorable


Okay, so I think I just had one of the best fan fiction ideas for TFIOS.

So … .we all know that Hazel and Gus had sex right? What if, after his death, Hazel finds out she’s pregnant w/Augustus’s baby? After discovering her pregnancy, her parents are extremely angry and downtrodden. Hazel continues her depression, after a couple of months Isaac decides that Hazel needs help and coaxes her to a support group meeting. There she meets a 13 year old girl diagnosed woth the same cancer as Hazel. Her name is Angel Beth Lockheart.
Hazel becomes good friends with this girl, they’re like sisters, and at the time of Hazel’s baby’s birth, Angel gets really sick.

That’s all I’ve got so far plus my phone’s dying.